Monday, 3 March 2008

The Creative Process

Musings, wit strewn latinate words and musings.

Words that flow as read and words that convey exactly what needs to be mulled over.

It's always been a difficult process for me. Having a qualification in the creative process of writing hasn't been a boon to my page strewn verbal spewage. I never for once imagined that such a qualification would lead me to articulate my thoughts better, even when I suddenly decided that I should take up Creative Writing in an academic sense. At the time it was a form of escapism. A chance to prolong the working world for a few more years. At least until I could afford a haircut and a set of smart, presentable and conformist clothes.

Even now I feel uneasy about reading what I've just typed.

I had kept the daily grind and office drudgery at bay for as long as I could.
I had spent three years of thinking that improvised witticisms in a syntactically sound form could pass as a decent attempt at acquiring an artistic degree.
I had confused my escapist urges.
I had resorted to a collection of musings, wit strewn latinate words and musings.

Another three years have passed since I graduated. I promised myself I would at least continue some form of writing. I hope that I can maintain that promise. Mostly, I'm just grateful for my friends for setting up this site and being patient enough to wait until I've actually gotten around to writing something. I hope to rectify my writing habits even if it means a strict exercise regime for my fingers. I'm also looking to get re-acquanted with spell checker as well, there's been many a night I've been kept awake by those red squiggles demanding that I pay better attention to my writing and I've not had the chance to use the F7 key for any other purpose.

In all, I shall always be in awe of those who can articulate their feelings well.


Elsinki said...

little garini!

Gavrilo said...

Ha, this will probably end up being the only contribution I'll make to the site. :P

Well, I've explained to you before that 'serious writing' makes me uncomfortable. There was only ever one piece of 'serious writing' that I was ever proud of. And that was a Radiohead inspired poem in the shape of a helix. Twas very good but I accidently deleted it. Oh well...

Annie-o said...

"serious writing"?

Is that what this site is about?

I've been getting it wrong all this time.

Nice post, G! Now let's see this helix poetry!